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Davorcoin Lending Platform.

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The thing is you should never put full faith and life savings/all eggs into these things. Understand the risks and high rewards... & diversify.

You'll want to look at Davor Coin. It's everything Bitconnect has and then some. Higher %s both on the lends and the referrals... cleaner interface, faster tech, & there are a lot of heavy players who are getting involved with this on the low. A lot of fluidity. There is also no bad press on Davor. I have a feeling it will get to where Bitconnect is now in less than half the time. As with everything else, there is risk involved but i do feel confident in it the same way Bitconnect is thriving.
Latest Blockchain technology.
The launch of the coin & the roadmap is perfect (ICO, etc). I see no holes. Staking pool is attractive.


Create a free account here. Once you are enrolled, let me know. I'll show you the lending process. We have some fun on the way.
Look them up on CoinExchange...

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