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  1. Windows 10 Customization – EposVox (Tutorial and Walkthrough/Tour coming soon!)   INDEX: Downloads & Tools Windows Changes Third-Party Programs Theme Sources How To/Guide Windows Settings Start Menu Customization Arc Theme: Operating System? Arc Icons Dock Misc.   Downloads & Tools Windows Changes Disable Cortana, Search bar Taskbar to top of screen Combine Taskbar buttons when it is full Re-Enable Windows Photo Viewer (how) Third-Party Programs Core Temp (Temp indicator in System Tray) (video) Classic Shell (Replace Start Button) OldNewExplorer (tweak Explorer) Optional: Start is Back (Replace Start Menu outright) UxStyle (patch themes, gotta download from Google Cache) Arc Icon Replacer Nexus Dock (or Object Dock, RocketDock, etc.) 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (video) Winamp (music player) Theme Sources Noir Dock Theme Arc Theme for Windows Arc Icon Pack Edge Start Orb Obsidian Cursor (how to install cursors) Flat icons: Misc Arc Chrome Theme Arc FireFox Theme (Windows) Wallpapers – Misc. from Wallhaven Adobe CC Flat Icons   How To/Guide BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Make a system restore point!!! (how to) Windows Settings Right-Click your taskbar and go to Settings Change “Taskbar Location on Screen” to “Top” Change “Combine Taskbar Buttons” to “When Taskbar is full” Make sure the other settings match this screenshot. Right-Click your taskbar and disable Cortana and/or the search bar if you wish. Install Core Temp if you want the system tray temperature indicators. Install 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and match your settings to this screenshot if you want yours to work like mine. (More detailed tutorial) Download and run OldNewExplorer to change your explorer look and feel. (Or try a replacement like Clover (buggy as hell on Windows 10), Directory Opus, or OneCommander. NOTE: These may not mesh with the themeing well, depending on your system.) Download and un-zip your cursor. I chose Obsidian Cursor. Right-click the .inf file and click “Install.” Then open the Control Panel, search for “pointer” and click “Change how the Pointer looks and feels.” Choose your cursor from the menu and accept the prompt. (More detailed video on how to install cursors) Keep in mind: The Windows theme may change/reset your cursor. You will need to go back to this menu and choose it again after applying the theme. Reboot Re-enable Windows Photo Viewer if you prefer it to the Windows 10 “Photos” app (how) Start Menu Customization Download Classic Shell and customize the start menu to your liking, or leave it alone Replace the Start Orb with one of your choosing. I used Edge Start Orb Alternatively, Start is Back is recommended by the Arc Theme people as a simple Start Menu replacement. Arc Theme: Operating System? This step depends heavily on your operating system. Windows 7/8/8.1 – Use UltraUXThemePatcher or UxStyle Windows 10 PRE-ANNIVERSARY UPDATE Run UxStyle Patch Reboot Rename the default C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero\aerolite.msstyles to aerolite.msstyles.backup (you will need to take ownership of the file) (how to add “Take Ownership” to the right-click menu) Make a new folder in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero\ called aerolite.msstyles Put your selected theme folder in the aerolite.msstyles folder C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero\aerolite.msstyles\ Select your theme from the personalization menu. More detailed instructions Windows 10 ANNIVERSARY UPDATE (an onwards) Run UxStyle Patch Reboot Copy the arc theme folder to the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ folder and choose it from the Personalization menu! Re-apply your cursor theme. (See above) To fix Taskbar/Start Menu/UWP App colors: Right-Click your Desktop and choose “Personalize” Click on “Colors” Pick a color to match your Windows theme. (This did not change properly for me.) Also, choose/re-apply your desired wallpapers. I use a folder of wallpapers (mostly from Wallhaven) and have it set to alternate every 10-30 minutes. The “Fill” selection makes them all fit to your monitor without stretching or black bars. Arc Icons Download and un-zip the Arc Icons pack Look at the icons and choose “Regular” or “Symbolic” Rename either “” or “” so that the file extension is “.exe” instead of “.ee” Double-click your .exe and run the icon patcher. (The ReadMe file has instructions for uninstallation.) Dock Download and install your dock of choice. I used Nexus Dock Customize the Dock to your liking. To change icons, right click dock item, “Dock Entry Properties” and “Change Icon.” For my icons, I just Googled “flat icon” for every program. Sub-docks/”Stacks” are a paid feature of Winstep/Nexus. I do not recommend paying for this! Try Object Dock or a Stack docklet for RocketDock instead. Misc. Apply custom Browser themes to match. I used Arc Chrome Theme and Arc FireFox Theme (Windows). You might want to enable “Dark mode” themes for Windows 10-specific menus or UWP apps. I don’t like this, I left it alone. You may want to change the colors of your Office program to match. I made the background of LibreOffice darker grey to match. The Terminal icon is for the Windows 10 Command Prompt. I use it a lot. The Ubuntu Icon is for the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows subsystem. I also use it a lot. The Linux Tux (penguin) icon is a shortcut to directly launch a Linux VirtualBox. The YouTube icon is a “stack” or sub-dock for all of my production programs.