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  1.   EthConnect has recently popped up as a new crypto currency. Today I’m going to be reviewing EthConnect and finding out if EthConnect is a scam or not. To get an 8% signup bonus on EthConnect click here: EthConnect Review EthConnect is similar to a previous coin that we all know: Bitconnect. Although they are similar, EthConnect seems to have additional features and is looking to be even bigger than Bitconnect. Both have the same strategy, you deposit money into their lending system and they will then use trading bots to make 1-1.5% profit per day and then pay this back to users in the form of dividends. By utilising the EthConnect platform you are able to generate compound interest on your initial investment. BitConnect has shown that this strategy works very well and have grown the market cap of the BitConnect coin to close to 1.5Billion dollars. For a small project started a few years ago this is amazing and if EthConnect is able to grab even a small market share of around 50-100 million dollars, then the price of the EthConnect token will be $12.50 giving you a 25x on your original investment. We honestly can’t tell you if EthConnect will turn out to be a giant scam, however I can say that if you are looking at previous coins which have gone with the same business model such as BitConnect and RegalCoin both coins are still around today and are paying their users regularly and on time. We have seen RegalCoin grow from 85 cents to over $50. This is a huge gain and investors who were early to the RegalCoin project will be expecting large rewards for taking the risk. With everything in crypto you are taking a risk. The risk to reward profile on EthConnect looks good and I am satisfied that they are unlikely to scam. You can safely invest into the ICO or even into the platform and the EthConnect token should be a great way to make large sums of money. I myself will be investing into the EthConnect ICO as I don’t think that this is a scam. The developers are hiding their identity similar to Bitconnect as they are running a scheme that might be seen as illegal by some parties. Making sure you invest early is the key to making money with these and they can be extremely lucrative. If you invest to late then you can potentially loose your money so make sure you invest early. If you want to research Ethconnect and see what they’re offering then look at their website here:   null   A Website Rundown of EthConnect On first glance the website looks like a professionally designed business website. The design is sleek and flows well throughout. On the homepage we see some important information. First you are given a description of how EthConnect works and what you can do with the token. EthConnect is compared to Ethereum and will only release 31million tokens. These coins will grow in value as the currency is deflationary. After seeing the explanation on EthConnect its uses are then listed below. There are 3 main uses of the coin. Trading – Starting in December you can trade the EthConnect token on the EthConnect exchange. Lending – At the start of December you will be able to start lending your tokens. You can do this by depositing crypto currency into your wallet, and then locking them away in the EthConnect system. These crypto currencies will then be used by a trading bot to make 1-1.5% gains per day. You will then be paid dividends daily. Staking – You can stake your coins so facilitate transactions and improve the security of the network, this will also gain you a % on your EthConnect tokens however it won’t be substantial gains that you’d see with the lending. The ICO The next section will focus on the ICO period. The ICO begins on November 1st. The ICO will be for 8million coins. The ICO will finish at the end of November, however as with most coins in the “lending” world, they tend to sell out after a day or two. The ICO price will be 0.50 cents per coin. They will be accepting Ethereum and Bitcoin. Bonuses of up to 15% will be supplied depending on if you make it into the ICO within the first million tokens or the last 8 million.